TLS Process


From the start of the contract until well after the installation is complete, TLS Group Inc. is here to meet all your needs.

We work with clients, contractors, and tradesmen to ensure a fully cooperative understanding on every job site. See how we translate our process into success

1. Win Tender

The first step in our process is to provide our client with competitive pricing based on our intuitive estimation process. We consider the contract drawings, material and labour costs, as well as travel-time to and from a job site. We assure that all parties understand the nature of the proposed work and the employer’s requirements.

2. Determine Scope

Once a tender has been awarded, TLS Group Inc. meets with the general contractor to further specify labour, office, and material costs. We work together to create a flexible yet realistic schedule for completion, and adjust costs accordingly. This way the client who has awarded the tender will be confident that the tender is feasible.

3. Scheduling and Safety

Before we start working on a project, we double and triple check that we have all the regulatory and health and safety policies in place. We want to be able to prevent safety concerns before they occur. Next, we order the materials, coordinate scheduling with the job site, and prepare the necessary tools and machines.

4. Installation

Above all else, this is where TLS exceeds expectations. We are constantly troubleshooting, consulting architectural and engineering demands, and meticulously following CWB procedures. Our integrity and your satisfaction are top priorities, and every site is an opportunity for us to perfect our craft.

5. Final Inspection

Even though we exhaustively adhere to the strictest standards of quality, we are our own harshest critic. We work around the clock to guarantee we are the best in the business, and anything less is unacceptable. To further mediate good faith, we offer maintenance and a one year warranty to account for any complications that may arise after our on-site work is done.

We’re often one of the first steps in your construction, and we take pride in our responsibility as an integral first step. If you want your construction completed on time and on budget, put your trust in TLS Group Inc.


We’re here until you’re satisfied.


Our Trusted Products

Staying true to our mission to provide southern and central Ontario with the highest quality workmanship in the industry,

we put our name behind companies that we know are performance tested.

hilti logo


As one of our most reliable sources of trade-specific tools, this German based company is globally renowned for it’s commitment to help construction professionals get the job done faster, safer and more productively. With a worldwide presence in over 120 countries, TLS works closely with Hilti to guarantee only the best in customer satisfaction. Click here to visit their site.

Products offered by Hilti include powder-actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, and strut and hanger systems. Hilti tools have also been featured on acclaimed shows such as Holmes on Homes and the company regularly backs local humanitarian efforts such as Habitats for Humanity.

tru fit logo


Since 1928, Tru-Fit Products Corp. has been at the forefront of fastener production. Boasting expertise in cold forming technology, Tru-Fit also offers alternative manufacturing such as screw machine and hot forged products to broaden their scope. Established in 1959, their Tru-Weld division is one of the largest suppliers of weld studs in the world. Employing the most modern electronic and mechanical techniques available, Tru-Fit is always happy to comply with our custom and stock weld stud requests.

TLS is proud to rely on such a long-standing and trusted company for all our fastener needs. Click here to visit their site.



TLS is also a member of the following quality assuring organizations:

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